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The BMS Awards are designed to acknowledge and champion the work of marketing & communications professionals within the book industry. The judges – independent marketing and book trade experts – are looking for a creative and leading approach in the following three areas:

  • Innovation and creativity
  • Ability to reach and engage the target audience
  • A good return on investment

There are FIVE categories in which BMS members are eligible to submit their campaigns. They are:

  • Adult and Children’s Guerilla campaign (up to £2.5k)
  • Adult Fiction (above £2.5k)
  • Non-Fiction (above £2.5k)
  • Children’s (above £2.5k)
  • Multi-title campaign (eg backlist, series, or some other grouping of titles)

Winners will be announced on Wednesday 31 October 2018 at the next BMS Meeting
–> you can RSVP to attend here

Not sure whether to submit, or how to go about your submission? 

Not a problem! Submitting for the awards can be a daunting prospect for some, or perhaps you’re unsure whether or not your title is right for a particular category. If in doubt or you simply want to find out more about the process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Jon Slack at And if you have any issues or feedback for when using this form, please let us know.

Winners & highly commended campaigns will feature on a new showcase section on our website!

Members always tell us that learning about the latest leading campaigns across the industry is one of the most valuable opportunities we offer. So we’ve worked hard to create a new members-only section on our website to showcase campaigns submitted for the BMS Awards, and will be offering access to members in the coming weeks.

Read here to find out more about what this means if your campaign wins.

After submission, two copies of your book should be dispatched to the below address (for multi-title campaigns of 5 or more books please just send one copy of each): 

FAO Jon Slack, Book Marketing Society c/o Nielsen Book
5th Floor, Endeavour House, 189 Shaftesbury Avenue
London WC2H 8JR

For any other queries or issues with your submission please contact


We strongly recommend you save a copy of your entry offline before pressing ‘submit’ on this page. 99% of submissions go through without any issues, but technical problems can arise.

Total spend includes both trade and consumer activity

This figure will be seen by judges only

Please estimate spend ratio

Please summarise the context of the campaign and the challenge it presented to you and/or your team (150 words max)


Provide a summary of the groups you identified as the target audience/s, and briefly say how you sought to engage them. (500 words max)


Please provide a short briefing on the creative direction & how innovative you feel it was (300 words max)

Please provide links to examples of creative that BEST represent the campaign (to websites, videos, audio clips, etc.)

For multiple links, we recommend using a table or bullet-point format, showing short description, followed by URL

This is an opportunity to provide all visual creatives from the campaign in a single file, plus any other useful visual information (PDF, DOC, JPEG or PNG). Files should be smaller than 6MB. For larger files, please use the Links field to add links to Dropbox or similar.


Show the official Nielsen TCM sales plus ebook/other format sales as appropriate.

Provide a short analysis of sales growth or other impacts of campaign, and report any metrics by which you measured the impact of reaching your target audience and achieving your objectives.

In 150 words or less, what are you most proud about achieving in this campaign, and why do you feel it should be the campaign of the season?

Contact information

Your contact information will be used for administrative purposes only.

Remember to save a copy of your entry before you proceed. When ready, click the Submit button ONCE ONLY. Depending on the size of your attached file it might take a little while to process.