Sharper Copywriting Workshop with Richard Spencer

  • WHEN: October 10, 2018
  • AT: 09.30 – 1.00 p.m.
  • LOCATION: BMS offices (Nielsen building), Central London
  • COST: £65 BMS Members / £120 Non-BMS members (2nd tickets half-price)

A half-day workshop that will help publishing marketers and editors create persuasive sales copy.

Whether your aim is to create better AIs, snappy web copy or more successful emails, Sharper Copywriting will send you home with a head full of useful tips and techniques to boost sales.

In each of the modules, we take examples of successful copy and explain how the techniques could work for publishing. At every step of the way, you’ll get hands-on practice writing using the various techniques.

Module 1. What makes readers tick and messages stick

We examine what readers are like, how they read and how to get under their skin more effectively. We hone your skills at spotting benefits and show how insights from psychologists make your copy more persuasive.

  • We look at what figures in the trade are really like – a useful exercise to understand what it takes to reach tough audiences.
  • We look at appealing to their self-interest – a key area of copy for sales
  • We explore the emotions that make connections
  • We examine how behavioural psychology is a hidden persuader with concepts such as social proof
  • And we’ll use all of this thinking to show how your entries on platforms like Amazon can be more successful

Module 2. Plan to persuade with storytelling structures

Well-structured writing makes messages memorable. We’ll show you how simple planning techniques allow you to create powerful copy quickly. You’ll discover how to:

  • Banish writers’ block
  • Structure effectively using proven techniques
  • Avoid repetition that switches customers off

We use this section to show you how to plan press releases quickly and easily and find stronger intro sections that help ‘sell’ to the press and the trade.

Module 3. Unlock the power of rhythm and action

Great copy uses rhythm to persuade. In a hop, skip and a jump it takes customers to the point of purchase. And then pushes them over. We’ll show you how:

  • Tried and tested rhythms make a difference
  • Confident writers inject action with verbs
  • Descriptive writing adds value and when it makes you look cheap

The greatest challenge for publishers is creating new and compelling descriptions for books, authors, genres etc. We show how to use descriptive writing to overcome clichés

Our strapline challenge is particularly popular and helps the team generate lines very quickly using a series of techniques. Very good for developing rhythm too.

Module 4. Create a language for your brand

Everyone who works for a brand should be able to write as the brand. We’ll discuss how you can develop a brand language for your clients. Including:

  • How to create a set of values that set you apart from your rivals
  • How to empower everyone to write on brand
  • Why too many brand guidelines sound the same

We’ll look at what that tone might mean for a specific type of book. We’ll show how to quickly develop a different style for the same thing so writers can make more effort to vary their language for each publication.

Module 5. Beat creative block with our headline generator

Scratching your head wondering how to write a compelling line? Scratch no more. Our Fantabulous Thousand Monkeys Headline Generator will show you how to create dozens of headlines in an instant.


  • £65 per class for BMS members
  • £120 for Non-BMS members
  • 2nd tickets are half-price for the same organisation