Marketing and Cover Design conference on June 21

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by BMS

Thursday June 21st will see the largest gathering of book marketing professionals this year as 170 leading designers, publishers and marketers join together at The Bookseller’s first Creativity Day. The day-long event pulls together two separate conferences covering design and marketing and ends with the presentation of the new Book Marketing Society Annual Awards.

The first half will be dedicated to the big topics of interest to marketeers, with speakers from the likes of Nike and Polydor as well as from the book industry, and will look at areas such as audience data, s.e.o. optimisation and the looming impact of “freemium” content.

Sam Missingham, head of events for The Bookseller said: “the big battleground in publishing over the next few years will be in marketing. Publishers have had to transition quickly from being trade marketers to being consumer-facing, and requires very different skills. Also, publishers have been trapped in book-by-book three-month marketing cycles, which in the digital space makes less and less sense, and all at the same time as budgets are being squeezed.”

The programme for the day has been overseen by marketing consultant and Bookseller columnist Damian Horner. “We need to see how other ‘content providers’ are adapting to the same challenges we face, people who work in music, video games, television and film, as well as finding out what has worked within publishing. I’ve aimed to pull together the most diverse collection of marketing and design experts ever to speak at a book industry event”, he said.

Full programme details can be found here:

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