Awards submission

The next Awards will be for April to June 2022.

Awards are to reward marketing campaign excellence and commercial creativity across the publishing industry.

Judging will seek to reward imaginative, effective and innovative campaigns and are looking for evidence of compelling results against these criteria:

  • Impact, effectiveness and return on investment
  • Audience understanding and growth
  • Creativity
  • Strategy and media planning
  • Innovation 
  • Evidence of expanding the market or ways in which your campaign has taken the industry forward

Who can enter:

Anyone working in marketing at a UK publisher, bookseller/retailer, book organisation or charity who is a member of the BMS.

How to enter:

  1. Please complete the web form below
  2. Attach a single PDF outlining your campaign, including any campaign visuals (please keep within 2500 words and approx. 10 pages); Max upload size 8MB; PDFs can include live links to supporting videos
  3. Please also select an image to represent your campaign on social media and meeting slides – this will ideally not just be the book cover as per a website listing

No copies of the book are required for this Awards period.

The judges are looking for evidence of well-planned and executed marketing campaigns with clear objectives and tangible results. You should provide key data to support your entry and claims, including marketing budget (and whether consumer only or trade AND consumer) PLUS sales and chart achievements. We ask that you be as transparent as possible around digital/social media analytics, reach stats and where sales numbers include a heavy split of low price ebooks, etc.

We advise that your PDF commentary covers the following areas:

  • Campaign objectives and context or marketing challenge
  • Audience targeting and insight
  • Campaign execution summary
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Sales / results – and return on investment
  • Effectiveness against objectives 
  • Campaign impact, why you should win campaign of the season