This is a love story: Key takeaways from the Fleabag campaign

POSTED ON: 20/02/20 TAGS: Hodder fleabag

by katie

In January, Helen Flood of Hodder won the October-December 2019 Best Non-Fiction Marketing Campaign award for her wonderful work on the campaign for Fleabag: The Scriptures. Here, she shares her three key lessons from that campaign:

Keep the faith.

For a really long time in this campaign I worked without any visuals or any knowledge of what the extra material would be. There were no proofs, no audio clips, no meetings with author or agent. All I knew was that a lot of people loved Fleabag and if we presented a campaign pitched to what they loved about the show, that they’d get it.

You can do a lot without an author.

Our three ‘Fleabag parties’ (authorless events) sold out, because people really wanted to come and talk about Fleabag. They loved getting goody bags and taking part in the confessions. And brands loved the show as much as we did – Marks and Spencer gave us 450 free gins and in tins, Becca and Elizabeth Arden sent lipsticks and Philip Kingsley provided the hair masks (because hair is everything). Fans loved visiting the café because they adore the series and wanted to take photos – it didn’t matter that Phoebe wouldn’t be there. We found lots of fans to tweet and share our messaging, and after some convincing even the BBC got on board and tweeted about the book.

Give something back.

Soho Theatre is so important to the Fleabag story, and they do great work with young writers, helping them to bring their work to the stage. I really wanted to work with them as their fans and followers are people who love the craft of theatre and are more likely than anyone else to buy scripts to study the way the show is put together. By sponsoring a bursary for a writer who wouldn’t have otherwise been able to afford to attend a theatre writing course it felt like Fleabag could come full circle and was a great finishing touch to the campaign.