Making Inclusive Work That Works with BMS Sessions

BMS Session 5: Equality, Diversity, Inclusivity

In association with Contagious

Thursday 20 August    11:30 to 12:45

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Equality, Diversity, Inclusivity should be a priority for brands and consumers alike.

In this session with Contagious strategist Becca Peel, we will explore these three concepts, examining the strategies, expectations and outcomes of each. By unpicking the nuances of what D&I should mean for marketers, and by showing best-in-class brand campaigns, initiatives and behaviours, this session will equip you with the understanding to become a positive force for change.

You will learn:

*What leaders in the advertising industry and beyond are doing to effect positive change

*How to move from words to action that makes a difference to your brand, your employees and your consumers

*How to deal with the pitfalls and misconceptions that stifle action

*The risks to businesses that fail to understand diversity and inclusivity


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Members, please register by 16:00 on Wednesday 19 August.
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