1-2x Freelance Marketers

The Quarto Group

CLOSING DATE: 26/07/2019

CONTACT: Jessie Sullivan

The Quarto Group are looking for a freelance marketer or marketers to take on a couple of Autumn projects for the UK team. The first project will be concentrating on Gardening titles across Quarto’s bestselling frontlist and backlist utilising the Christmas gifting period to ensure Quarto’s gardening list is front and centre. The second project will be concentrating on one of Quarto’s lead titles for Autumn with a focus on popular culture and art ensuring the title reaches both its wider, general audience and its niche target audience. These projects are primarily consumer-focused but may include some trade creative/design responsibilities.

If you’re interested in hearing more about these projects, please email Jessie Sullivan, Deputy Head of Adults Marketing at jessie.sullivan@quarto.com