Foyles launch ‘Patented, FoolProof Gift Acquisition System’ campaign

POSTED ON: 16/11/12 TAGS: Booksellers Christmas Print marketing

by Jon Slack

Foyles has announced the designs for its Christmas 2012 marketing campaign, with the ‘Foyles Bookshop Patented, FoolProof Gift Acquisition System’, a tongue-in-cheek flowchart designed in-house by Jeff Clark, Miriam Robinson, Foyles Head of Marketing, and Heather Baker, Foyles Senior Buyer.

The campaign guides the reader through a series of mildly irreverent yes/no decisions, with the Foyles’ marketing team describing the 16-sheet Central London Underground advertisements, 1000m x 1400m in-store posters and online banners designed “to remind Christmas shoppers that books are wonderful presents, and that Foyles bookshops is the best place to go for advice on buying them.”

Over the next few weeks, segmented versions of a larger flowchart will appear in windows and tables across Foyles five London bookshops and Bristol branch, as well as on and other online platforms. The complete flowchart will then be trailed via social media before appearing on London Underground posters from 10 – 24 December.

Miriam Robinson, Head of Marketing for Foyles said: “We wanted to deliver the message that the beauty of bookshops is that no matter who you’re shopping for, we can find something to match their interests.  We also wanted to have a little fun – Christmas shopping can be perceived as stressful but in a good bookshop it should be the opposite – it should be entertainment”.

The flowchart format builds on the design of Foyles’ autumn 2012 events leaflet, also created in house by Simon Heafield and Miriam Robinson.



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