3 takeaways from The Secret Barrister

POSTED ON: 16/10/19 TAGS: BMS Awards Macmillan Non-fiction

by katie

Earlier this year, Paul Martinovic of Macmillan’s campaign for The Secret Barrister won the BMS Award for Best Non-Fiction Campaign, April-June 2019. Here, he shares three key takeaways from that campaign…

  • Combining a large social media platform with traditional marketing (ie featuring traditional ads on social media) can massively amplify reach. Authors tweeting about ads can double your value!
  • For the right audience, cinema ads can be an excellent option – they are very impressive (i.e. author pleasing and give the impression of a large spend, while the reality is much more reasonable) and good at reaching regular book buyers
  • For paperback non-fiction, the lack of rotation among the big sellers mean that a big launch is imperative – if you can get it in the top ten you will be much more likely to keep it there. Due to word of mouth and a low price point, the big books just get bigger and will take care of themselves if you have given them the right launch platform

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