Three takeaways from the award-winning Start Your Voyage campaign

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by katie

Congratulations to Fleur Clarke, Emma Pickard & Rachel Quin of HarperCollins, who picked up the Best Multi-Title Campaign award at our recent BMS Members’ Meeting with their HarperVoyager campaign: Start Your Voyage. The judges said: “This was a well thought-out campaign, bringing traditional branding into the 21st Century to excited existing audiences and incite new one. Through the design of a great suite of assets, and making use of a number of list authors in the UK at the same time, the publisher was able to give this list the brand reboot it deserved with a distinct look and feel.” Here, Fleur shares some of the top learnings from that campaign:

1. Go beyond the logo

We knew that to stand out at events and online we needed to create an engaging visual identity that we could use on anything – from Twitter cards to tote bags. The logo alone was not going to cut it.

We’re one imprint, but the Voyager galaxy contains multitudes from epic fantasy to boundary pushing science fiction. Our amazing cover designer Micaela Alcaino created a series of illustrations inspired by some of our most popular works past and present:

For our event stand dressing itself we pushed this one step further, bringing the Voyager galaxy to life in a night-time seascape with a boat travelling through the Voyager world.

2. Create merchandise not POS

The SFF and YA audiences are massive collectors and the merchandise you create can be just as covetable as a special edition hardback.

So, we wanted every piece of POS to be the kind of thing these readers would keep in their collection – posters they’d want to frame, standees that would take pride of place on their shelves. This meant reducing the sales messaging to the bare minimum (or relegating it to the reverse), and investing heavily in design.

3. Get your money (and time’s) worth

Anyone in marketing or publicity knows that events are a massive time and budget investment. So we always need to make them work as hard as possible.

Ahead of the campaign we set three clear KPIS: newsletter sign ups, Twitter followers and book sales. The latter is what funded the events, the signs ups and followers are what delivered the real return.

We made sure every piece of activity delivered on at least one of the metrics, ideally all three. We used our auto-response email to promote ebook deals and audiobook giveaways, announced flash price drops on Twitter, and ran a convention treasure hunt that people had to follow us on Twitter to hear about.

Thank you Fleur, and congratulations again!

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