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Books & Consumers 2013 conference: Media Coverage round-up

Bowker’s 2013 Books & Consumers Conference was held on Wednesday, 20th March. The annual event, run by BMS parent company Bowker Market Research, reported on a year in which the book trade had seen unprecedented change.  Ebook adoption has been particularly noticeable in fiction genres, but with tablets gaining market share, were non-fiction and children’s books far behind?

The conference and B&C data was broadly covered in the book trade press, and picked up more than 400 tweets on the #Bowker13 hashtag. Here are a selection of the main reports:


More details about Bowker’s research can be found on the newly launched



Market for travel guides being challenged by new media and new players

World travelers continue to find more reassurance in printed guidebooks than online information sources

A recent survey by Bowker Market Research in both the UK and the US has found that websites (alongside advice from family and friends) are now the most used source of information when planning a holiday, but that websites from non-guidebook publishers are rated more highly than the online resources provided by traditional travel publishers.  In the US, magazines and printed leaflets are the next most used sources of travel information, whilst holiday makers in the UK tend to use online travel forms.

“Travel publishing is at a crossroads. As consumers’ use of the Internet and digital books grows, travel publishers have been investing in developing e-books, apps and websites,” said Jo Henry, director of Bowker Market Research. “This research identifies the information sources travellers are turning to and how satisfied they are. In particular, we explored how digital forms of information compare to physical guide books.”

The research was conducted simultaneously in the U.S. and U.K. Among the revelations: guidebook buyers’ choice of foreign destinations and their pursuit of cultural activities as a major part of their vacation plans were key reasons behind the purchase of printed guidebooks.

Use of social network sites has not crossed into travel planning in either the U.K. or the U.S.; so far, they are mainly tools for sharing pictures and experiences as well as staying in touch with friend.

The 2012 U.K. and U.S. Travel Reports explore the behaviour and attitudes of travellers in three unique categories: guidebook buyers, non-guidebook buyers and non-book buyers. The reports are now available either separately or together, providing a full and detailed analysis of travellers and their information sources, with a commentary by Travel Publishing expert Stephen Mesquita.

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