Whose job is it anyway? BMS teams up with the PPC for an inaugural London Book Fair event

POSTED ON: 15/02/12 TAGS: Books London Book Fair Publishers Publicity Circle publishing

by BMS

BMS is very pleased to announce a new event at London Book Fair on April 17th, in collaboration with the Publishers Publicity Circle. Aimed at tackling the very modern challenge faced by publicists and marketers alike, it asks who is responsible for social media and the online promotion of books? In the old days things seemed much simpler. Publicists dealt with the ‘free’ media – the papers, the TV, the radio, the book tour. Marketers orchestrated paid advertising campaigns and got the book trade buzzing.

But now with the lines between marketing and publicity becoming ever-blurred, what are the new skills being called into service, and what value can traditional roles bring to the table? As organisations, how are publishers, agencies and other creative industries adapting in order to cope?

The event includes a fantastic speaker line-up: Claire Armitstead, Books Editor from the Guardian; Joanna Ellis, Marketing Director of Faber and soon to be Associate Director of The Literary Platform; Amelia Fairney, Communications Director at Penguin and Michelle Goodall, freelance communications and social media specialist. The session will be moderated by BMS Chair Martin Neild.

This will be a packed one-hour session featuring case studies and practical examples, and will look to address the burning questions facing publicists, marketers and freelancers at the frontline of book promotion.

See here for more details.


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