About our new campaigns and awards showcase for the BMS website

POSTED ON: 06/09/17 TAGS: Awards Campaign database New website

by BMS

Members regularly tell us that being able to learn about campaigns across the industry is one of the most valuable services we offer. We’re constantly inspired by marketers from across the industry willing to share what made their campaign tick – from how it came together to how it was executed, and especially what they learned and would do better next time.

So we wanted to find a way to take this further, and in the same spirit give members more chances to see what is behind an Award-winning or notable marketing campaign.

This has lead to the creation of a new section on our updated website, which features a searchable database of submissions for winning & highly commended campaigns.

If your campaign goes on to win an Award or commendation we want to reassure you about the information that will be available to browse. You will notice there are new features on the submission form which allow you to control the visibility of sensitive details, such as campaign budgets and sales figures. We will also send you a preview copy of the showcase page before it goes live, so there is a further opportunity to make appropriate changes if required.

In the spirit of openness and sharing we do offer access to the showcase to all members, on the basis that marketers from your team are willing to include their campaign in the showcase should they be selected.

If you have any questions or suggestions, do contact us  at admin@bookmarketingsociety.co.uk


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