Summer season Campaign Award winners

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by BMS


The Book MarketingSociety announced the winners of the May-August 2016 Marketing Campaign Awards this evening at the members’ meeting held at Faber & Faber’s offices.

The BMS runs three Seasonal Awards each year to reward the very best campaigns within the industry.  For this latest season, entries were judged under a raft of new and redefined categories: Best Adult Fiction and Best Non-fiction above £2.5k, Best Children’s Campaign above £2.5k and Best Shoestring Award (previously for campaigns costing less than £5,000, but now re-focused on campaigns of under £2,500) and a new category: Best Multi-title Campaign.

Campaigns are judged on three main criteria: innovation and creativity; identifying and reaching the target audience and return on investment.


The pure ingenuity of the campaign for Richard Dawkins’ anniversary – promoting three 81kkbf0lo8lof his lesser known backlist titles – undertaken by Claudia Toia of Penguin Books, saw her gain the Award for Best Multi-title campaign.  Reviving an algorithm the author had written 30 years ago to stimulate evolution, every single copy of these three books was published with a unique cover design based on the algorithm.


The visually arresting campaign for Grief is the Thing with Feathers by Max Porter, complete with a Shoreditch billboard of a crow with real features, saw marketer Katie Hall of Faber & Faber receive the Best Adult Fiction campaign Awardfingers

An intuitive link to the author’s obsessions and a skillfully conducted social media campaign saw Caroline Butler of Ebury gain the Best Adult Non-fiction campaign Award for Fingers in the Sparkle Jar by Chris Packham.

generationThe triumph of the YouTubers continues, with Naomi Berwin of Hodder & Stoughton receiving the Best Children’s Marketing campaign Award for Generation Next by Oli White, complete with 2,100 signed copies released to celebrate the authors 21st birthday and an animated visual announcement perfectly capturing his personality.

And last – but by no means least – Faber & Faber triumphed again by winning the Award for Best Shoestring campaign for Tim Book Two by Tim Burgess, with marketer Lindsay Terrell leveraging some perfect partnerships and social listening tools to create a very effective campaign for under £2,500.

In addition, the following campaigns were Highly Commended:

  • Sarah Arratoon of Pan Macmillan for Love you Dead by Peter James in the Adult Fiction category.
  • Caroline Maddison and Claire Wilshaw of Penguin, Puffin and Ladybird for their campaign to promote a disparate set of 22 books related only by being about diverse countries and cultures under the title #ByBook in the Multi-title category.
  • Beth Cockeram and Claire Bush of Michael Joseph for their Shoestring campaign promoting Dear Amy by Helen Callaghan.


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